A3 4 Rollers Laminator with 1 minute Rapid Warm-up
Warm-up time : 1mins
Laminating type : Hot/Cold
Number of Rollers : 4 Rollers
Laminating speed : 500mm/min
Product features
Touch panel operation with optical LED indication
Max laminating speed reaches 500mm per minute
Max laminating range up to 150 mic
Electric reverse and forward
Auto sleep after 60 minutes
Rapid warm up in1 minute
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Product Details
Model : VL807
LED indicators: Yes
Warm-up time : 1 min
Throat Width : 328mm
Laminating Type : Hot/Cold
Number of Rollers : 4 Rollers
Temperature Setting : Manual
Laminator Operation : Touch Panel
Max Laminating Range : up to 150mic
Max Laminating Speed (mm/minute) : 500
Energy-Efficient Feature : Auto Sleep after 1 hour