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Shenzhen Vigorhood Electronics Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of office equipment focusing in paper shredder, laminator and binder. Since its inception in 1996, Vigorhood has grown from strength to strength and is today a recognized name in the international office equipment manufacturing industry. Over the years, Vigorhood has accumulated very strong in-house capabilities in product research and development, technical know-how, design, sourcing and production control.

As a professional manufacturer of office equipments, we have a full range of office products catering to different market demands. We are continuously launching new models with updated features and designs to the global market. Most of the products incorporate our own patents and technology. Our paper shredders range from mini-desk top to 20 sheets heavy duty machines. Our strong R&D capability enable us to launch at least 10 new products to the market each year.

Currently, we are selling to USA, Europe, Japan, Australia and other major regions.

We seek  to establish strategic alliances with major players in the global office equipment market to extend the distribution of products globally.

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